Capturing Style

Women’s Fashion is exciting and quite fun. I worked with lots of great people and it’s what happens when a large group of people come together for a photo shoot. If you want tips on fashion photography you should click here.


Fashion portrait, Womens portrait, Womens fashion, camo

IG: akubezz Lighting: Apollo Orb

Womens fashion portrait, Womens portriat, Pink and yellow light, Golden jacket, bubble portriat

IG: @noellehelm Light: Strobe and Apollo Orb as fill light

womens fashion portrait, womens portrait, bohemian fashion, Jean dress, Flower crown

IG: @kennawilly Lighting: Strobe with umbrella and constant lights as fill light

Bride portrait, wedding fashion, bride, flowers,

IG: @brianna.g.burt Lighting: Einstein with octobox Harts Tux and Gowns & Floral Art Idaho Falls

Womens portrait, Bachelor, Womens fashion, womens makeup, womens lipstick, red lips, red lips with red rose, man with rose, fur coat, fur coat with rose, womens portrait,

IG: @aglazier1 Continuous Lights

Womens portrait, Womens fashion, black lipstick, woman leather vest

IG: @markehlll Light: Apollo Orb

Womens portrait, Womens fashion, black lipstick, woman leather jacket

IG: @wwhathehale Light: Apollo Orb

Vintage womens fashion, Womens fashion, womens portrait, Vintage camera, photo with prop, fashion

IG: @aglazier1 Continuous Lights

The styling for this shoot was by Gerardo Sumano (IG: @good_society) or Kim Mackenzie (IG: @kimmyk_15) or Vanessa Godfrey (IG: @van.godfrey). Makeup Artist: Melanie Pina (IG: shanik_beauty)

Harts Tux and Gowns
Hart’s By LaNeige Great place for prom and bridal dresses as well as fabulous tuxedos! Located in Idaho Falls, ID Find THE ONE at Harts! (IG: @hartstuxandgowns)

Floral Art Idaho Falls
Idaho Falls florist located at: 895 W Broadway 208.529.4887
IG: @floralartif

Ashleigh Kubik (IG: akubezz)
Noelle Helm (IG: @noellehelm)
Mckenna Wilson (IG: @kennawilly)
Brianna Burt (IG: @brianna.g.burt)
Ana Glazier (IG: @aglazier1)
Markehl Erickson (IG: @markehlll)
Haley Niccolls (IG: @wwhathehale)