Taking Practical Images

Recently I signed up for five different stock agencies. Which are Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, 123RF, Big Stock, and iStock. Stock photography is really different from all other types of photography. While taking these photos you are focused on what is practical and what someone would buy. Stock photography is also different because you can’t have any identifiable logos or trademarked items. You also need to have signed releases for identifiable models and locations. Your photos also require keywords for people to use to find your images. Stock is also interesting because your images have to be approved for sale. This means that there are a panel of people who go over your images and are looking for imperfections. This means that you need to take high quality images, that are properly exposed, ect.

Stock photography really changes your perception of photography. I often find myself going wow, how could I sell that. All stock photos are extremely planned and staged. This means you have to truly be aware of each shot you take, because if it looks weird potential clients won’t buy it. So on that note, feel free to buy one of my images. *cough, cough*

Stock Photography, Hamburger and Fries, Restaurant food, table setting

Stock Photography, first bite of reuben sandwich, lunch time, reuben sandwich, restaurant food, man eating lunch, man eating reuben sandwich, meal time

Stock Photography, first bite of pancake, breakfast, pancakes and bacon, restaurant food, man eating breakfast, man eating pancakes

Stock Photography, Mint Milk and Cookies, Sweets, desserts,

Stock Photography, Mixed Berries with Sugar, Frozen Motion, Pouring Sugar on fruit, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Sugar, Spoonful of Fruit

Stock Photography, close up ice raspberry, macro ice raspberry, frozen fruit,

Stock Photography, Winter Sports, Extreme Sports, Snowshoeing, winter storm,

Stock Photography, Winter Landscape, Sunrise in winter, Sunrise through the trees,

stock photography, farm animals, cows, isolated background, bos taurus, cow and calf stock photography, farm animals, cows, isolated background, bos taurus, cows

Stock Photography, shotgun shells, ammo, bullets, empty bullets, cartridges, 70mm