Top 10

So the last three months I have been in a professional imaging class (COMM 316) taught by the wonderful Caryn Esplin. I have grown so much as a photographer. This class has allowed me to try all kinds of photography. It has also allowed me to learn about the different types of external lighting and what not in photography. Before taking this class I knew I liked macro photography, but I discovered that I also enjoy product photography as well. I also was not a big fan of portraits, but this class made me change my mind.

Honestly, I love learning new things, and that is the beauty of photography. There is always something new to learn or to try. This is why photography will be a lifelong passion of mine. So I would now like to present my top ten images from the last 3 months.


Fruit Photography, sugar covered fruit, oranges and blueberries, spoonful of fruit, food photography, fresh fruit,

light paint, indoor light painting, table top light painting, vintage products, soap, light paint reflection, product photography
macro photography, macro water drops, macro drop crown, macro still life,

macro water drops, macro photography, macro still life, three water drops, fine art photography, macro fine art

mens fashion, apple watch, blue shoes, mens heels, mens fashion accessory

Womens fashion portrait, Womens portriat, Pink and yellow light, Golden jacket, bubble portriat

womens fashion portrait, womens portrait, bohemian fashion, Jean dress, Flower crown