Turning Normal into Fine Art

While I was visiting Jackson I stayed at sky mountain lodge and the first three images are from the different things from there. The entire time I was on my photo excursion and that is evident in my post from the Grand Teton National Park. One day there was a beautiful sunrise and I lucked out and got some cool photos. I’m currently living in Idaho so there are lots of different farms to take photos of. I just drove around and found some neat places. Click here for some tips on fine art photography.

Winter Landscape, Barn in winter, Sunrise on the farm, rustic

Winter Landscape, Nature, Sunrise Tree, Winter Sunrise

Still life, faucet, rustic faucet, barn equipment, old wash sink

Landscape photography, Rustic, Shilos, Winter shilos, Idaho photography

Landscape photography, Abandoned Silos, Winter photography, Rustic abandoned silo

wildlife photography, calf, farm animals, baby cow,

Wildlife photography, Cow, Cow photography, farm animals, farm

Still life photography, Shotgun Shells,