The Process of Remaking a Movie Poster

Do you ever love a movie so much that you want to be in it? Well, that’s what inspired me to remake this movie poster.

13 Going on 30 is an early 2000 classic starring Jennifer Garner. It is a fun movie, and I relate to it a lot.

First I had to look at the original movie poster (featured below). I looked at the lighting, the pose, the title, ect. Then I started to think about how I could recreate this. I looked through my closet and found a dress that would be flowy, and then I bought some gum. Which lead to the photo shoot. I knew that I was going to take the background out of the original image so I set up the shot in my living room. I had a fan plugged in laying on the floor at an angle to make my dress blow. I had a roommate with a hair dryer blowing my hair, and two of my other roommates were standing on chairs holding some speedlights and angling them at me. My camera was set up on a tripod with a timer, and there was lots of running back and forth. The hardest part of the whole shoot was blowing the bubble gum. It is hard to blow a perfect bubble, and my roommates joking around did not help at all. On a side note, I might actually hate the taste of bubble gum now.

After the perfect bubble was finally blown and captured on camera (featured below) I took the image to Adobe photoshop. Here I lightened the image a little, changed the color of the gum because it was dull, and I removed the background. Since my dress was white, I figured the image would look better on a black background. I then went into Adobe Illustrator and re-created the logo. I picked colors that were similar to the original poster, but also matched my dress. Then I went back into photoshop and put it all together.

13 going on 30, movie poster remake, romantic comedy poster, romantic comedy spoof, fan art

movie poster remake, 13 going on 30

Original Photo

13 going on 30, movie poster, movie poster remake

Original Movie Poster

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